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2014 Community Service  Opportunities

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Serve the Environment at Snyder Park with Kids Ecology Corps

The Snyder Park Project is a program of Kids Ecology Corps in partnership with the City of Fort Lauderdale providing service learning opportunities for kids and adult volunteers from all over Broward County.

Snyder Park is an urban forest and part of the Eastern United States Flyway zone visited by a variety of migratory birds. These migratory birds depend on the native plant and tree species in Snyder Park for shelter and food. Over the years, the numbers of Florida Natives have decreased significantly because the introduction of invasive exotic trees and plants. The goal of the Snyder Park Project is to educate kids and adult volunteers by participating in a service learning project that connects them with a real-world restoration project.

Your service to the park will be combined with an educational learning opportunity and nature walk.

Lot's and lot's of weeds, air potato and exotics pulled from the original Butterfly Garden

Lot’s and lot’s of weeds, air potato and exotics pulled from the original Butterfly Garden

June 21

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For more information, call Kids Ecology Corps at 954 524-0366

Proper apparel and sunscreen /bug spray statement.



The Kids Ecology Corps at Snyder Park

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